AI for early diagnosis of mental health

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CompanionMx is a mental monitoring system to inform proactive mental health care.  The system uses active monitoring of voice and passive monitoring of other smartphone metadata to continuously produce acoustic and behavioural biomarkers that predict core symptoms of mood and anxiety disorders. The software has been used by more than 1,500 patients and scores of behavioural health care clinicians and researchers.


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It passively tracks behavioural indicators of mental health. It uses digital phenotyping to passively track user’s behaviour through the use of a smartphone app, which monitors your social interactions, physical movements, and the tone of your voice when using voice commands, in order to provide early diagnosis of depression and prevent it from escalating.

Companion’s solution also has an acoustic biomarker that provides unique and proven insights into mood states. If the system detects low mood or low energy, the app will offer healthy lifestyle prompts and recommendations for the user, to take a walk or practice a breathing exercise for example.

If necessary, the collected data can also be used to alert clinicians to make a more direct person-to-person intervention.


Use cases supported
Proactive mental health care
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