Experiences on integration of mHealth into national and regional health systems

The European mHealth Hub is collecting experiences on mHealth initiatives that involve a real integration of these technologies into national or regional health systems. A selection of  thes experiences will be publicly disclosed as case studies in the Hub website. They will also form a substantial part of Knowledge Tool 3 (WP2) on integration of mHealth in health systems.

Currently our staff is asking the European countries about the existence of these kinds of initiatives within their health systems, as it is an opportunity to share them at European level. For this purpose, a specific form has been enabled to collect detailed information and create a solid set of case studies on integration of mHealth.

If you want to share a relevant initiative on this topic, please write to info@mhealth-hub.org describing briefly the initiative and indicating an email address to send the form to.

The identity of the respondent will be kept anonymous, we just ask about it for internal use.

Let’s boost #mHealth!

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