The Hub showcases the ongoing work with Hungary and Czech Republic to support mHealth implementation

On June 16, ProMIS organised the webinar European mHealth Hub: tools, models and practices for the development and implementation of mHealth programmes.

This webinar was an opportunity to disseminate the opportunities and tools offered by the mHealth Hub in the development of mHealth programmes, among Italian regions. The event also brought together the demand and supply of mHealth solutions, representing the priority areas addressed by the Regional Health Service and the solutions available on the market.

Hungary and the Czech Republic, two countries with which the European mHealth Hub is working most directly, were the case studies discussed. Both countries summarised very clearly what was being done.

Czech Republic indicated that it was necessary first to become familiar with the various approaches taken by countries when integrating mHealth into the healthcare services. Then, to create a Czech model. They need to address the chronic diseases and the needs of growing number of ageing population. Czech Republic looked for public health oriented applications, for example apps that could demonstrate benefits in rehabilitation for chronic diseases. For this country: “This Hub is a good source of information for our mHealth model”.

Regarding Hungary, they -the Hub and Hungary- are working together on co-designing a concrete mHealth implementation addressing patients with diabetes taking oral medicine: “We were working already in the diabetes field. We discussed first internally to participate in this process, it was a fruitful cooperation”.

The complete session can be watched in the following video.

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