Checking the quality of detailed clinical models: Instrument application

Background: The exchange of clinical data between electronic health records is a challenge and need flexible models that adapt to clinical needs. Detailed Clinical Models (DCM) are used for this purpose, however, what is their quality? This paper’s objective is to report on the application of an existing instrument to determine DCM quality.

Methods: A selection of 9 DCMs about oncology care was tested using the ‘Quality Metrics for DCM’.

Results: The instrument revealed scores per DCM varying from 16 to 26, rendering one DCM insufficient and five requiring upgrading.

Conclusion: The instrument proved practical in its administration and revealed useful feedback for DCM improvement. A core part of a DCM, the actual specification of data elements, is not included in the instrument and is suggested to be added.

van MUNSTER D, Krediet I, Goossen W. Checking the Quality of Detailed Clinical Models: Instrument Application. InNursing Informatics 2016 Jan 1 (pp. 367-371).

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