Corona Health

The Corona Health App was developed within the framework of a scientific collaboration between German university partners, the Robert Koch Institute and software companies.

What impact does the coronavirus-pandemic have on our health?

Which mental burdens do the pandemic cause for adults and adolescents?

What impact does the pandemic have on our physical health?

How can the mental health impact be differentiated between countries and regions?

The CORONA HEALTH APP gives access to scientific surveys, which investigate these questions. In these studies, your current situation will be enquired with short questionnaires once a week. With the data, we would like to evaluate how we could overcome this critical situation more properly.

Currently, 3 studies are provided:

  1. Mental health for adolescents (12 to 17 years)
  2. Mental health for adults (18 years +)
  3. Physical health for adults (18 years +)

The research team of the Universities of Würzburg, Regensburg, Ulm, the Robert Koch Institute as well as the Würzburg University Hospital, the Service Center Medical Informatics of the Würzburg University Hospital, and the LA2 GmbH appreciate your participation! Note that the data is collected completely anonymously. NO TRACKING is performed by the app.

Data that has been gathered during the use of the app will be used for scientific purposes only and not for commercial purposes. The app provides useful contact information and information about the coronavirus-pandemic as well.

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