CoronaMelder is the official Dutch coronavirus notification app, developed under supervision by the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport. The app digitally helps Municipal Public Health Service’s (GGD) with their source and contact research. The app warns citizens when they’ve been near someone who has coronavirus. Using this app isn’t mandatory. But the more people use the app, the better it works. During the development of this app, accessibility was taken into account.
The citizens only give access to their Bluetooth data. CoronaMelder uses Bluetooth to see when you’re near other people who have the app. The app doesn’t use any personal or location data. So it doesn’t know who you are or where you’ve been. You get a notification after you’ve experienced a higher risk of infection.

Targeted population
17.28M inhabitants
Interoperable - is this app potentially interoperable?
Interoperable - can this app already talk to another app?
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