Cross border mHealth services

Role this area should play in the mHealth space
mHealth solutions enforce the role of citizens in the control of their data and its routes, facilitating the real adoption of European cross-border services, including, but not limiting to, the use cases currently covered by the eHDSI under CEF.
Current challenges and limitations
Beside what is officially declared it seems that there is a cultural limitation that prevent several organizations to actually disclose patient data to their real owners (the citizens). Several existing mobile solutions offered are in fact “closed” Apps built on top of existing infrastructures, rather than a set of open services usable by certified solutions.
Creation of standard based service ecosystems integrated with the existing national/regional /European EHRs enabling a true control of data by the citizens.
Development of a set of EU-wide standard based implementation guides for the offered Cross-border (m)Health services, based on a common implementation independent information model.


What benefit could this bring to adopters of this innovation?
Enabling the development of an (m)Health services European market.
How does it contribute to major EU policy priorities? (e.g. EHDS, COVID-19, DTHC etc.)
The existence of common implementation independent models and of well-formalized services/API is a pre-requisite for implementing any of the identified EU policy priorities


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