Development of a multidisciplinary and telemedicine focused system database

Background: Tele-rehabilitation at home is one of the promising approaches in increasing rehabilitative success and simultaneously decreasing the financial burden on the healthcare system.

Objectives: Novel and mostly mobile devices are already in use, but shall be used in the future to a higher extent for allowing at home rehabilitation processes at a high quality level. The combination of exercises, assessments and available equipment is the basic objective of the presented database.

Methods: The database has been structured in order to allow easy-to-use and fast access for the three main user groups. Therapists – looking for exercise and equipment combinations – patients – rechecking their tasks for home exercises – and manufacturers – entering their equipment for specific use cases.

Results: The database has been evaluated by a proof of concept study and shows a high degree of applicability for the field of rehabilitative medicine. Currently it contains 110 exercises/assessments and 111 equipment/systems.

Conclusion: Foundations of presented database are already established in the rehabilitative field of application, but can and will be enhanced in its functionality to be usable for a higher variety of medical fields and specifications.

Paštěka R, Forjan M, Sauermann S. Development of a multidisciplinary and telemedicine focused system database. Stud Health Technol Inform. 2017 May 12;236:144-51.

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