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The Digital Health Indicator (DHI) measures progress toward a digital health ecosystem. An ecosystem that connects clinicians and provider teams with people, enabling them to manage their health and wellness using digital tools in a secure and private environment whenever and wherever care is needed. Operational and care delivery processes are outcomes-driven, informed by data and real-world evidence to achieve exceptional quality, safety and performance that is sustainable.


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The DHI Measures 4 pillars:

    1. Interoperability:
      • Adoption of digital tools to manage health and wellness, care, access
        and use of personal data and analytics tools to
        inform decisions.
      • Clinician use of secure digital tools to consult, collaborate, and partner with patients to achieve health goals. 
      • Rates of security alerts, automated tracking of breaches and cybersecurity outcomes (cost, compliance, accuracy). 
    2. Person-enabled Health
      • Adoption and use of personalized digital tools to manage their health and wellness.
      • Effectiveness of proactive preventive risk mitigation strategies that improve health outcomes.
      • Population health: use of data to segment population health outcomes to support health and wellness outcomes.
    3. Predictive Analytics
      • Use of Point of care analytic tools and dashboards to track individual and population health outcomes. 
      • Use of predictive Analytics to 
        identify and track risks and outcomes for population segments.
      • Operational performance tracking of cost, quality, and safety outcomes in real time, for individuals and populations.
    4. Governance and Workforce
      • Organizational policy informed by value and outcomes at individual and population level.
      • Transparency: 
        Communication of quality, safety and performance outcomes to the public.
      • Use of Incentives and funding models to advance digital health system outcomes. 

Accountability for workforce capacity, competency and sustainability in digital care delivery


Use cases supported
A tool such as the DHI can play a key role in identifying strengths and opportunities to advance toward a digital health ecosystem, highlighting where mHealth tools and solutions could play their part.

The DHI tool can be used as an assessment in any mHealth use case. It helps to develop understanding of digital health and its place in the current and future care landscape, in particular as it relates to consumer-enabled health.

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