Digital health maturity

Role this area should play in the mHealth space
Assessing the position of an organisation on its journey of digital health innovation is difficult. Yet understanding where an organisation is on that continuum towards an integrated digital health ecosystem is important.   

A measure of digital health maturity is key to promoting continue investment and progression towards full digital health functionality.

Current challenges and limitations
There are few commonly accepted measures of digital health maturity. The DHI assessment can help address that gap.


How does it contribute to major EU policy priorities? (e.g. EHDS, COVID-19, DTHC etc.)
The major EU policies all depend on a high level of digital health maturity, accordingly the DHI can contribute in the realisation of all the policies.


Digital Health Indicator

Approach or solution The Digital Health Indicator (DHI) measures progress toward a digital health ecosystem. An ecosystem that connects clinicians and provider teams with people, enabling them to manage their health and wellness using digital tools in a secure and private environment whenever and wherever care is needed. Operational and care delivery processes are outcomes-driven,… ...

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