D2.2 Knowledge Tool 2. An intervention-specific mHealth programme – Type 2 diabetes

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The topic of Knowledge Tool 2 is to identify, collect and organize the available knowledge for the iterative development of national or large-scale programs for the prevention and management of type 2 diabetes, supported by mobile solutions, using a person-centred approach.

KT2’s approach is based on personas, which represents the health needs of patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus.

Through a questionnaire to policy makers, KT2 identifies the specifications of the country/region adopting the program (Setting Specifications) and the “Persona” to whom the mHealth program is addressed.

These unmet needs have been divided into functional Building Blocks which, through an algorithm, can be connected to the solutions available on the market, which respond to the specific needs identified.

This version of KT2 allows launching a new mHealth program.

It can be expanded by interested actors for further development of results monitoring system and impact.

Please consider this a draft version only. There is no permission to disseminate or republish this material until the final version is published. Please note that the final version will be published under a common creative licence

To find out more about the Knowledge Tool 2 for diabetes as an opportunity to scale up in Hungary, please watch this video from our 6th Hub Talk on patient centric approaches in mHealth (from 1:03:41 to 1:26:50)

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