WP5 – POLICY AND INNOVATION. Policy Framework. Document contributing to the Policy Framework for EU on Cross-Border Adoption and Assessment of Innovation

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The Work Package 5 –Policy Framework aims to contribute towards developing a policy framework for EU on cross-border adoption and assessment of  innovation in mHealth to  helppave the way for moving towards a “Single HealthcareDigital Market” in Europe. Moreover,  the  Policy  Framework described  in  this  report  aims  to contribute to  the  development  of  a Common  Policy  Framework  for  mHealth  in  Europe, by sharing  lessons  learntand  recommendations,  with  the  goal  of promoting harmonization.

The  Policy  Framework  targets  primarily policy  makersand implementers. Even  so,  app  developersindustriesacademia, research institutionsand end-users (citizens and healthcare professionals) are seen as key actors for the Policy Framework development, and their role should be highlighted.

This  final  report  describes  the  work  developed  to  achieve  such  a  Policy  Framework,  regarding  methodology,  results, conclusions,and recommendations for the target audience.

The methodology followed by the European mHealth Hub research team comprisedseveral steps:

  1. Definitionof the mHealth Hub Strategic Policy Areas;
  2. In-depth desk researchto identify relevant mHealth(eHealth)-related policies on several policy areas;
  3. In-depth  análisis of  such  policies,  extracting  the  most  relevant  information  for  policy  recommendations  and guidance;
  4. Interview process with relevant stakeholders in the realm of policy making and some experts on developing and deploying policies related to mHealth;
  5. Concrete set of procedures, measures and actions that constitute the Policy Framework and provide information on how to develop and advance mHealth policies and strategies.
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