Early Detection of Diabetic Retinopathy (EDDR)

Objectives of the app:

  • A referral route for the assessment of patients eye condition-GP informing general ophthalmologist about patients suffering from diabetes, which need regular eye checkup.
  • General ophthalmologist triage out lower risk patients who need minimal ongoing specialist input, takes those patients for checkup as needed so that moderate or lower-risk conditions could be managed outside HES clinics. If necessary, refers the patient to HES where treatment of complications is performed.
  • Direct referral to the HES or a fast track urgent referral pathway for patients with  complications that need early treatment.

In Health Center Zagreb Centar (HCZC) there are available teams of general ophthalmologists so we developed concept of connecting general practitioners and hospital eye services through digital consultations that enable early action. General ophthalmologist is particularly well placed to oversee the needs of patients suffering from diabetes and interact with primary care services (GP), co-ordinate better control of the flow of patents into and out of the hospital eye services (HES).


Interview summary


Local level

Health Center Zagreb Centar (HCZC)


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