European mHealth Hub support for country-level implementation

A webinar with countries that expressed interest to collaborate with the European mHealth Hub for implementation and support of Hub activities will be organized on 30/6/2020 2-3:30pm. Almost 15 countries will participate in this meeting organized by the World Health Organisation (WHO), in collaboration with the Interational Telecommunications Union (ITU).



Opening  -World Health Organisation / DG Connect – European Commission (10min)

EU mHealth Hub Overview  & Examples

Country Implementation

  • Implementation Framework: management, content, technology, recruitment, evaluation
  • Operationalizing country-level implementation of mHealth programs
  • Next steps / Actions
  • Implementation and/or Support Role
  • Open discussion among participants
  • Q&A

After this webinar, and in order to have a preliminary engagement with countries, the European mHealth Hub team will work with countries according to their needs.

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