e-Res Salud

This program arises from the end-results oriented healthcare model of Quironsalud, and it comes to incorporate the international innovation initiatives already implemented with the aim of giving voice to patients to co-create the medical assistant process through new technologies such as patient portal accessed through portable devices (laptops, tables, smartphones).

The main objective is to incorporate a new end-results and patient-experienced assessment methodology in the organization with the following principles:

  • This end-results patient-oriented strategy is a long-term strategy and not a time-limited pilot study.
  • The program is organized in well-defined phases, where different medical and surgical specialities will be joining the program and implementing this methodology in different processes.
  • With the application of well-known and validated methodology.
  • With cycles of continuous improvement based on learning from acquired knowledge and constant monitoring.
  • Use of new eHealth new technologies such as patient portal accessed by app or website.
  • Patients’ co-creation of their own medical history, providing personal health data through patient portal and integration in the eHR.




Regional level 

Quironsalud 4H Public Hospitals Network, Madrid, Spain

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