European Health Data Space initiative /Standards/IOP Framework

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European Health Data Space is an initiative around standardization and IOP Framework for health. CEN Technical Committee 251 Health Informatics is very supportive of this initiatives that will:

  • promote safe exchange of patients’ data (including when they travel abroad) and citizens’ control over their health data
  • support research on treatments, medicines, medical devices and outcomes
  • encourage the access to and use of health data for research, policy-making and regulation, with a trusted governance framework and upholding data-protection rules
  • support digital health services
  • clarify the safety and liability of artificial intelligence in health.



Organisation or initiative
European Health Data Space initiative


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Summary of the innovation
CEN/TC 251 is responsible for a number of standards in this area, including the International Patient Summary which is based on the Guideline for the Patient Summary adopted by the eHealth Network. They also participate actively in the X-eHealth project to further develop and promote the use of the European Electronic Health Record Exchange Format. The CEN view on IOP is not only related to standards for digital exchange of data but also on the

  • Commitment to digital standards for the capture and exchange of health data by healthcare professionals and health authorities
  • Standardized structured data capture in Electronic Health Record systems



Use cases supported
  • eHealth European Interoperability Framework (ReEIF)
  • Electronic Health Record systems that support the European Electronic Health Record Exchange Format (EEHRxF) 
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