First working days of the European mHealth Hub consortium focused on the assessment and integration of mHealth in national health systems

Representatives of the 19 entities that make up the consortium for the creation of the first European mobile health ‘Hub’ met last month in Geneva


Last February 17th, the consortium of entities that promotes the ‘European Innovation and Knowledge mHealth Hub’ – the project promoted by the Unión Internacional de Telecomunicaciones (UIT) and the World Health Organization (WHO), and led by the Andalusian Agency for Healthcare Quality (ACSA), met for the first time in Geneva to kick off the implementation activities for the first European reference center in mobile health.

Representatives of the 19 entities that make up the consortium, as well as members of the promoting organizations, met for three days (17, 18 and 19 February) at the ITU headquarters in the Swiss capital to celebrate the official launch of the ‘Hub’ and to develop several operational workshops to promote the first actions of the work plan.

Work began on 17 February with an introductory session to share an overview of the project, exchange different views and discuss the work plan and expected results. The lessons learned from the experience of the “Be He@lthy, Be Mobile” project were also transferred to the consortium in a knowledge transfer session.

The second day started with the official launch of the project and continued with the celebration of a second workshop among the members of the consortium to analyse different cases of integration of mHealth in national health systems, taking as a reference the experiences carried out in Andalusia, in the Italian regions of Trento and Campania, as well as in Sweden, Norway, Croatia, Austria, Portugal. Likewise, the definition of support tools for the development of mobile health solutions for non-communicable diseases with a high impact such as diabetes was addressed.

The three days meeting ended on Wednesday 19th, with a session dedicated to learn about and compare the different initiatives of evaluation of apps existing in Europe.

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