Hub Talk #4 – mHealth Assessment

Last June 17th, the European Innovation and Knowledge mHealth Hub held the fouth session of the Hub Talks 2021 series. A dialogue organised together with WHO, ITU and the European Commission to discuss on mHealth Assessment. A webinar with more than 150 registered users and 71 attendees.

The session was opened by Belén Sotillos, member of the European mHealth Hub’s Team, to make a brief presentation on the Hub work on health apps assessment frameworks.

Empirica GmbH, member of the Hub, with Strahil Birov and Alexandra Prodan, introduced the first part of the webinar. They talked about the Hub orientations when setting up a health apps assessment framework and its evaluation process. They consider it necessary:

  • Deciding on assessment domains and criterio.
  • Defining the workflow for the assessment process.
  • Considering regularly updating the assessment framework
  • Funding / business model process.
  • Interfacing / presenting the assessment results (repositories).
  • Ensuring adoption by the stakeholders.
  • Encouragin reflexive learning.

As in the past, Mentimeter was used to conduct online surveys. During this presentation, participants were asked if the presented set of common elements reflect their own experiencies and what other considerations that should be included with these results:



Device Frame





Device Frame



Richard Paštěka (UAS Tecnikum Wien), Maja Skorin (Ericsson NT) and Belén Sotillos (Agencia de Calidad Sanitaria de Andalucía -ACSA) were the speakers of the second part of the Hub Talk.  They explored the possibilities of cross recognition between assessment frameworks. Broadly speaking, we are in a fragmented landscape: there is a large heterogeneity in different fields.

Another interactive survey was launched to attendees, asking how important is to move forward mutual recognition between existing health apps assessment frameworks in Europe.


Device Frame


The video where you can watch the presentations of every speaker is available here.



We look forward to seeing you at the fifth Hub Talks on July 13th: “Independent framework to support Member States mHealth objectives, the ORCHA example”.

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