Gamification to improve adherence

Approach or solution
A short paper illustrating how the inclusion of gamification can incentivise people, especially in this case paediatric patients, to comply with a clinical management protocol.


Organisation or initiative
Research publication:
MHealth Games as Rewards: Incentive or Distraction?
Gary, K., Stoll, R., Rallabhandi, P., Patwardhan, M., Hamel, D., Amresh, A., … & Quezado, Z. (2017, July). MHealth Games as Rewards: Incentive or Distraction? In Proceedings of the 2017 International Conference on Digital Health (pp. 209-210).


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Summary of the innovation
This is a short paper that summarises the value of incentivisation through gamification, delivered through mHealth apps, that can be used to improve adherence to rehabilitation or prevention programmes. This is an easy-to-read short paper that helps to convey how gamification can deliver benefit, illustrated through two examples targeting paediatric patients.


Use cases supported
mHealth use cases with a behavioural component
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