Gatekeeper Digital Platform

Approach or solution
Creation of a platform that connects healthcare providers, businesses, entrepreneurs, and elderly citizens and the communities they live in, in order to originate an open, trust-based arena for matching ideas, technologies, user needs and processes, aimed at ensuring healthier independent lives for the ageing populations.


Organisation or initiative
EU project Gatekeeper


URL or reference


Summary of the innovation
GATEKEEPER DIGITAL PLATFORM implemented through fault tolerant, secure, flexible and scalable micro-services infrastructure, based on open source and data standards, built on top of reference W3C-Web of Things architectural models and including services referred to the health domain through HL7-FHIR and to the home domain through SAREF.
For the health space an HL7 FHIR gatekeeper implementation guide is under development for promoting the sharing of health and wellbeing data across the pilots, including but not limited to vital signs, activities, diagnostic device data; nutrition and so on.


Use cases supported
Lifestyle-related early detection and interventions; COPD exacerbations management; Diabetes: predictive modeling of glycemic status; Parkinson’s disease treatment Decision Support System; Predictive readmissions and decompensations in Heart Failure; Primary and secondary stroke prevention; Multi-chronic elderly patient management including polimedication

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