• National health portal integrated with national EHR
  • One point of access for all citizens
  • 100% of primary health care providers connected to the portal
  • Some private doctors also connected to the portal
  • Implementation started in the hospital environment
  • Fully operative since 2014
  • Scalable website accessible in all platforms and devices
  • Mobile app release in 2021
  • Reduced physical contact – less risk of spreading COVID-19
  • Incentive scheme by the Ministry of Health for primary health care physicians when using the portal (reimbursement)
  • Patient empowerment
  • Health Questionnaires (pre-operative, quality of life)
  • Increased digital access to health services
  • Interoperates with existing systems (e.g., EHRs)
  • Saves time for health professionals and health consumers


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National Centre for eHealth


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