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Symptoms are queried in the app. For example, whether the affected persons have a cold, cough or fever. The answers are transmitted in encrypted form to the Health Service of the City of Vienna (MA 15). This is to relieve the authorities and shorten the waiting time for test results. The app questionnaire makes it possible, for example, to prioritise the tests for people with the corresponding symptoms.

Currently, it takes several days before the affected persons are notified of the result of the coronavirus test. In Vienna it is currently planned to take 3 days. In addition, electronic delivery should make it easier to plan and schedule hospital capacities.

Access to the app will only be granted to those persons who have previously been in contact with the Vienna Health Service (+43 1 4000-8015). They will receive a TAN code to activate the app.

Targeted population
1.9 M inhabitants
Region / City
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