Hub Talk #10 – You have an adopted mHealth solution, how did you succeed?


The European mHealth Hub relaunches its activities with the Hub Talk #10 entitled “You have an adopted mHealth solution, why did you succeed?” on 12 April 2023 14:00-15:30 CET.

This Hub Talk will resume the series of mHealth Hub webinars. The overarching objective of this series is on impact of innovation adoption and uptake of mHealth and evidencing its value from both a supplier and a patient perspective.

While countries in Europe are now considering the possibility of reimbursement of mHealth solutions, for Apps developers the road to reimbursement is usually a long one. The collection of the required efficacy and efficiency evidence is indeed both time and resources consuming. Solutions which have been built with a strong end-user involvement usually benefit from a high initial level of trust. Thanks to this, Apps developers have been able to apply a business model alternative to the reimbursement one, without excluding it for a later stage. To achieve this, they developed business models based on a B2B2BC approach rather than the usual B2C one. Interestingly, it can be expected that this approach will enable them to collect the evidence to be qualified for reimbursement, in a later stage if appropriate.

In this 10th Hub talk, we have selected two very different solutions which follow this path and already achieved major results: one targets physical rehabilitation and the other one is focusing on mental health and well-being in working environments. Healthcare professional organisations on one side, commercial companies on the other side are payers and facilitators. We will learn why these organisations are ready to pay for their patients/employees. Furthermore, we will learn how those innovators have been able to establish with their clients a continuous improvement and co-creation process. Finally, we will also learn about they defined the right mix between machine and human driven interactions.


Welcome address

Hani Eskandar, Head, Digital Services Division, International Telecommunication Union (ITU)




Gaetano Cafiero, CEO of KEYLON (IT) who developed specific expertise on accompanying developers in their innovation journey. Gaetano will also provide a global overview of the most successful APPs in European Member States.



Boris Leveque, Co-Founder & Chief Commercial Officer at Axomove. Axomove is an APP designed by health professionals to improve the rehabilitation and prevention of physical health pathologies and diseases. The care team creates tailor-made exercise programmes for each patient supported by videos, educational material and teleconsultations. A dashboard provides daily feedback to the care team. Why has the solution been adopted by a significant number of healthcare providers and why have they accepted to provide it for free to their patients?


Pierre-Etienne Bidon, Co-founder & Co-CEO at Moka.Care. Every euro invested in scaling up treatment for depression and anxiety leads to a return of 4 euros in better health and ability to work. Many companies are now developing mHealth support programmes for their employees with the support of a dedicated mHealth APP and the evidence collected is very encouraging. Why are companies ready to offer this new service to their employees and are employees ready to accept and use them?

Provisional agenda

  • Welcome and introduction to the new mHealth Hub (5 min)
  • Introductory speech by the moderator (10 min)
  • Invited talks with a focus on business models, co-creation, and man-machine interactions (40 min)
  • Interaction with the audience
  • Moderated discussion (30 min)
  • Wrap-up and outline of next talks (5 min)

If you missed the latest Hub Talk, you can find here the full recording.

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