Remote monitoring and self-care for people suffering from chronic illness

The solution aims to identify deviations in people’s health conditions to make sure that they do not end up with acute events at the emergency rooms and subsequent hospital visits. The solution promotes preventive care, wellness, and healthy habits.

The platform offers different clinical pathways, mostly for people with chronic conditions. The solution consists of two applications.

  • The patient app gives the patients a simple and effective support so they can take control of their health conditions at home.
  • The healthcare professional web app helps healthcare professionals to standardize and facilitate self-care and communication with their patients dealing with long-term health challenges. The care staff is automatically notified in cases where reported health values indicate that self-care does not work, and it can provide personalised self-care support to the patient via chat, telephone, or video. Nurses can together with the automated system guide patients to handle their challenges.

The solution provides the following care pathways:

  • heart failure, hypertension, diabetes, COPD, mental health, respiratory infections, as well as Covid-19.

For each care pathway, a set-up of devices is required, and these are delivered at the patients’ homes. The system analyses the deviations and assists the nurses as to where and when to take action. At some point, the system coaches the patient to live and act healthier.

Currently, state of the solution is implemented in 6-8 healthcare centres with around 500 patients participating totally.

The future plan is to scale-up the solution to cover all healthcare centres in Region Jämtland Härjedalen and target 4.000 patients.


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