Integration mechanisms with EHR and interoperability

Role this area should play in the mHealth space
mHealth-app data is valuable to share with caregivers. We therefore need to use a semantic and interoperable way to send the data from the mHealth environment to the HER and vice versa.
Current challenges and limitations
  • Standardized interoperable mechanism, like FHIR, need to be implemented in the integration mechanism. The technique is there, the implementation needs to be adopted.
  • Health and Care Information Model (HCIM) needs to be adopted and implemented
What benefit could this bring to adopters of this innovation?
A fast and secure way to enter the market and functional possibilities to enhance the products
How does it contribute to major EU policy priorities? (e.g. EHDS, COVID-19, DTHC etc.)
Essential component to focus on in connecting and integrating mHealth solutions
An absolute accelerator in the creation of a EHDS, unparalelled in connecting mHealth apps relating all sorts of subject.



Approach or solution FHIR   Organisation or initiative HL7   URL or reference   Summary of the innovation It is a next generation standards framework created by HL7. FHIR combines the best features of HL7's v2 , HL7 v3  and CDA  product lines while leveraging the latest web standards and applying a tight focus on implementability.   Use cases supported… ...

CDS Hooks

Approach or solution Clinical Decision Support Hooks. Web standard for CDS in the EHR workflow   Organisation or initiative HL7   URL or reference   Summary of the innovation Standard to invoke decision support from within a clinician’s EHR of patients PHR workflow   Use cases supported E.g Medication prescription: The EHR sends off… ...


Approach or solution Standard for data access, User Interface and security integration and data integration   Organisation or initiative SmarthealthIT   URL or reference   Summary of the innovation SMART provides a standard for how EHR systems and their applications authenticate and integrate. By standardizing these processes, health care providers can utilize more apps,… ...

Health and Care Information Model (HCIM)

Approach or solution Health and Care Information Model (HCIM)y   Organisation or initiative Nictiz (Netherlands) and HL7 international   URL or reference   Summary of the innovation Health and Care Information models (HCIM), or Clinical Buildingblocks (CBB's) or Zorginformatiebouwstenen (zib's) are used to capture functional, semantic (non technical) agreements for the standardization of information… ...

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