Internet Of Things (IoT) – Open Artificial Pancreas System and closed-loop insulin delivery system

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Bigfoot Biomedical is committed to leveraging data, people, and smart technology to create a connected ecosystem of solutions that will deliver improved outcomes valued by patients, providers, and payers. Bigfoot’s investigational automated insulin delivery system, otherwise known as an “artificial pancreas,” was inspired by a proof-of-concept system that’s been used for over 50,000 hours.


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Bigfoot Biomedical


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Summary of the innovation
Open-source initiative OpenAPS is a type of closed-loop insulin delivery system, which differs from a CGM in that as well as gauging the amount of glucose in a patient’s bloodstream, it also delivers insulin – thus “closing the loop”. Automating insulin delivery offers a number of benefits that can change the lives of diabetics. By monitoring an individual’s blood glucose levels and automatically adjusting the amount of insulin delivered into their system, the APS helps to keep blood glucose within a safe range, preventing extreme highs and lows (otherwise known as hyperglycaemia – excessively high glucose – and hypoglycaemia – excessively low glucose). 

FDA has approved an artificial pancreas system – based on technology from the University of Virginia Center for Diabetes Technology – that automatically monitors and regulates blood glucose levels.


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Automatic insulin delivery
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