Korona Stop LT

“Korona Stop LT is an official application of exposure notifications for Lithuania, established by order of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Lithuania, on behalf of the National Public Health Centre under the Ministry of Health.
The application is installed on a voluntary basis.
It warns users who have been in close proximity for 14 days and for more than 15 minutes. together with another user of the application who has voluntarily reported the coronavirus infection caused by COVID-19.
Along with the warning, the device provides recommendations on actions that can be taken to stop the spread of the virus.The application only complements the method used by public health professionals to identify people with COVID-19.
It also provides an opportunity to warn those whom the patient does not know or may have forgotten.
The application does not use any geolocation or movement data. To use the application on your phone, you must consent to use Bluetooth to detect nearby devices, and the application generates temporary codes to exchange with other devices. If a user of a device voluntarily reports that he or she is infected with the coronavirus that causes COVID-19, others in the vicinity will be warned. Under no circumstances will the identity, location or exact time of contact with other users be revealed.
Users may remove the gadget from their device at any time.”

Targeted population
2.8M inhabitants
Interoperable - is this app potentially interoperable?
Interoperable - can this app already talk to another app?
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