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The platform for the mHealth community to come together and share knowledge to grow! learn more

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To enable a continuous discussion around mHealth practices across Europe, the European mHealth Hub has created an open-source platform to share learning materials that might contribute to the integration of mHealth solutions. This platform was established to create a trusted community, enabling them to exchange knowledge and establish new partnerships using the Learn and Forum tools. Let's come together to share knowledge!


Open-source repository of mHealth-related learning materials designed for experts and non-experts. You can find different topics, such as development methods, reimbursement models, interoperability standards, among others. You can also contribute by submitting new content. Find out more in the About and Learn page!


Community-based forum where the mHealth community can share their knowledge and expertise around mHealth, as well as engage other members in discussion. Together, we can establish a trusted community to collaborate towards the advancement of mHealth. Find out more in the About and Forum page!

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