Upcoming Events

i~HD webinars 2021

September - December - This webinar series will offer you an exclusive insight into the GDPR’s impact on health data driven research and innovation as experienced by experts from across the health innovation sector.

Promoting Digital Health Literacy for Europe’s Digital Future

December 7th- This conference will explore person-centred digital ecosystems within integrated social and health systems, insights from the cutting-edge of research into improving digital health literacy, and the role of social marketing and social media for health promotion and protection.

ICIC22-22nd International Conference on Integrated Care

May 23rd-25th 2022 - Hybrid event -Congress oriented to the study of integrated healthcare services. It is key to solving the demographic challenges and reduce patient length of stay at hospitals.

Imagining a citizen-centric health data ecosystem

November 30th- December 1st - Seven in-depth sessions with contributions by well-known speakers about the new orientation towards citizen’s control of much wider forms of data, new data services and novel sources of data.


December 7th - 9th - An opportunity to connect with international key innovators in the MedTech, diagnostic and digital health sectors.

Past events


MHEALTH HUB TALKS 2021: mHealth and the Industry perspective

25th November
Conference Hellenic Society_nov21

Conference of the Hellenic Society for Digital Medicine

16th November
Global Summit_nov21

Global Summit Telemedicine and Digital Health

12nd November
Hungary Scoping Workshop ICT technology & infrastructure

Hungary Scoping Workshop ICT technology & infrastructure

11st November

MHEALTH HUB TALKS 2021: Patient centric approaches in mhealth

22nd September

MHEALTH HUB TALKS 2021: Independent framework to support mHealth objectives in different countries: the Orcha example,

13th July

Health Technologies. Paradigm of the new medicine.

28th June

Better Care through Health Data - The role of interoperability as key enabler

28th June

MHEALTH HUB TALKS 2021: mHealth assessment

17th June (10.30-12.00 CET)
June 16th_PROMIS

European mHealth Hub: Tools, models and practices for the development and implementation of mHealth programmes

16th June

Digital initiatives to support person-centred, integrated care: Key learnings for their deployment in Europe

24th May (14.00-15.30 CET)

Integrating mhealth data in health service value chains

29th April (15.00-16.30 CET)
Hub Talk news header

MHEALTH HUB TALKS 2021: mHealth policies

28th Mar (10.00-11.30 CET)

MHEALTH HUB TALKS 2021: mHealth and ethics

10th Mar (10.30-12.30 CET)
Global Health Hub Germany logo

Global Health Hub Germany Webinar - Collaborative approach of the European mHealth Hub

24h Feb 2021 (15:00-16:00 CET)
Hub Talks 2021 agenda

MHEALTH HUB TALKS 2021: Integration of mHealth into health systems

28th Jan (10.30-12.30 CET)

Joint RSCN-MeFAVS workshop - Reference framework for digital transformation in health care

2 Dec 2020 /Virtual Session

Bringing together digital therapeutics and mHealth: An innovation journey

2 Dec 2020 /Virtual Session

European mHealth Hub Service Portfolio Working Session

23 Oct 2020 /Virtual Session

#healsy20: Resilient Health Systems 2020

1 Oct 2020 /Web congress

European mHealth Hub Support – Sharing experiences with Western Balkan Economies on Digital Solutions Developed by the Hub

28 Sep 2020 /Virtual Session

European mHealth Hub Support for Country-Level Implementation

30 Jun 2020 /Virtual Session

First Webinar on Health Apps Assessment Frameworks

17 Jun 2020 /Virtual Session

EU mHealth Hub consortium workshop, steering committee and launch event

17-19 Feb 2020 /Geneve, Switzerland

The 9th International Digital Public Health Conference

20-23 Nov 2019 / Marseille, France