On the Integration of Wearable Sensors in IoT Enabled mHealth and Quantified-self Apps

The regular use of activity trackers and biosignal sensors from non-professional users is constantly increasing, while for patients with chronic diseases has already become part of their daily routine for a continuous assessment of their health condition. However, the integration of such devices into larger systems such as health monitoring stations or assisted living applications is not straightforward due to a series of business, operational and technical issues which introduce extreme complexity for end-users and developers to properly support their diverse functionally and features. This work presents a thorough analysis of the aforementioned issues, proposes a generic integration solution for Bluetooth devices and evaluates the respective prototype implementations for Android and Linux systems.

Menychtas, A., Papadimatos, D., Tsanakas, P., & Maglogiannis, I. (2017, November). On the integration of wearable sensors in IoT enabled mHealth and quantified-self applications. In Interactive Mobile Communication, Technologies and Learning (pp. 77-88). Springer, Cham.

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