OstaniZdrav (Stay Healthy)

The mobile application for protecting public health and lives, “OstaniZdrav” (“StayHealthy”), created by the Government of the Republic of Slovenia, is a tool that informs citizens if they have been in contact with an infected person.
The installation of the OstaniZdrav application on a smartphone is completely voluntary and free-of-charge. The application does not reveal the location or the identity of the infected person, it only indicates that two persons have met. The application’s functions may be disabled at any time or the application may be removed in full. By doing so, all information stored by the application will be deleted as well.
The person with a confirmed infection may voluntarily share this information with other users (they obtain a special ten-digit code that is entered in the application). Their responsible conduct is thus enhanced. The application is anonymous and adjusted to Slovenian standards of personal data protection.

Targeted population
2.08M inhabitants
Interoperable - is this app potentially interoperable?
Interoperable - can this app already talk to another app?
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