Patient engagement

Role this area should play in the mHealth space
Patient engagement is a key objective of many mHealth solutions, but it is not always easy to achieve patient engagement in the design and development phases of a mHealth solution.

Most healthcare systems are however not set up to reward or even support patient engagement. Policy innovations that can help reward patients becoming involved with innovation is a key tool in addressing this challenge.

Current challenges and limitations
The Patient Innovator Award empowers patients become entrepreneurs and scale their solutions successfully to the benefit of millions of patients with similar conditions.


What benefit could this bring to adopters of this innovation?
Visibility of patient engagement, better co-design and co-production which can in drive better uptake.
How does it contribute to major EU policy priorities? (e.g. EHDS, COVID-19, DTHC etc.)
Citizen engagement and empowerment are core to all EU’s digital health initiatives, accordingly the Patient Innovator Award could be a core tool within the dissemination stream of all digital health initiatives.


Patient Innovator Award

Approach or solution It was created to honor the legacy of Michael Seres, who suffered from Crohn’s disease and in 2020 passed away at the age of 51 from a sepsis infection. A patient advocate and entrepreneur, Michael had a long-standing affiliation with HIMSS as a HIMSS UK Advisory Board member, a HIMSS Future50 Patient… ...

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