Patient Innovator Award

Approach or solution
It was created to honor the legacy of Michael Seres, who suffered from Crohn’s disease and in 2020 passed away at the age of 51 from a sepsis infection. A patient advocate and entrepreneur, Michael had a long-standing affiliation with HIMSS as a HIMSS UK Advisory Board member, a HIMSS Future50 Patient Leader, and a frequent keynote speaker at conferences. He was widely considered to be one of the first and most prominent e-patients, helping design and build a digitally enhanced ostomy bag that received FDA clearance in 2014. His invention eased the suffering of millions of people with bowel injuries, chronic gut illnesses and cancer.


Organisation or initiative


URL or reference
HIMSS Global Patient Innovator Award | HIMSS


Summary of the innovation
The purpose of the award is to highlight the importance of patient advocates and continuous patient engagement beyond traditional healthcare settings, and to empower patients to manage their own health and wellness by working in and contributing toward digitally enabled care environments


Use cases supported
To be eligible, nominees must demonstrate at least three of four qualities:

  • Bravery
      • Ready for bold action, even if it requires going beyond established medical conventions
      • Prepared to sit with care providers and explore solutions together
  • Entrepreneurship
      • Determined to scale innovations and look for financing and business partnerships to enhance the patient journey and experience digitally
      • Have commercialized products/solutions or otherwise disrupted healthcare with innovation
  • Innovation
      • Ambitious and innovative in identifying ways to improve patient experience, care delivery, patient advocacy, etc.
  • Leadership
    • Faces challenges in order to elevate the patient voice
    • Inspires and encourages patients to understand their illnesses; address the open need for innovation in the field; and takes a leadership/ownership stand in the research and discovery of novel solutions to improve outcomes.
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