Reward points incentive model to improve adherence

Approach or solution
An examination of the design of a points-based reward system, looking specifically at which features of the scheme proved to have the greatest adherence impact


Organisation or initiative
Research publication:
Brower, J., LaBarge, M. C., White, L., & Mitchell, M. S. (2020). Examining Responsiveness to an Incentive-Based Mobile Health App: Longitudinal Observational Study. Journal of medical Internet research, 22(8), e16797.


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Summary of the innovation
This study, which enrolled 54,000 Canadians, delivered health education materials with interactive activities such as quizzes, linked to loyalty points to incentivise participation. This was a longitudinal study, and the loyalty points scheme was periodically adapted for participating individuals, in order to determine which features of the scheme had the greatest effect on adherence. The authors found that the size of the reward (the number of points per successful activity) was not as important as the type of reward (what the points could be used for) and the frequency of issuing the rewards. This paper could be a useful guide to anyone considering the inclusion of a points-based rewards scheme within their mHealth programme.


Use cases supported
mHealth use cases with a behavioural component
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