STAYAWAY COVID is a mobile phone application that aims to assist Portugal in tracking down COVID-19. The application allows each one of us to be informed about risk exposures to the disease in a simple and safe way by monitoring recent contacts. The application is voluntary and free of charge and at no time does it have access to your identity or personal data.
Once the application is installed, the mobile phone announces its presence to all nearby devices using random identifiers that do not reveal personal identities. The information shared between devices allows STAYAWAY COVID to know what mobile phones were close to, how close and for how long.
No high-risks contacts: if the app does not detect any high-risk contacts with someone diagnosed with COVID-19 then it displays that exact message and the date of the latest evaluation.
Exposure notification: if you have been exposed, in the last 14 days, with someone with COVID-19 and who has deliberately shared such information with the STAYAWAY COVID system, then you will be promptly notified by the app.
If tested positive for COVID-19: should you test positive for COVID-19, along with your diagnosis, you will get a numeric code that allows you to share such information, anonymously and through the app, with the STAYAWAY COVID system. This is a key step, and no one’s identity is ever disclosed.

Targeted population
10.28M inhabitants
Interoperable - is this app potentially interoperable?
Interoperable - can this app already talk to another app?
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