The Hub listens to the needs and expectations of different stakeholders to better tailor its services

Last 23rd October the European Innovation and Knowledge mHealth Hub held a digital working session with a sample of stakeholders entitled “Your views on the European mHealth Services”. The first event aimed to define demand-driven services which might be useful to the mHealth community​, by involving potential different stakeholders (potential users, contributors, promoters or sponsors) to co-develop the Hub service portfolio​ and to understand their needs and expectations from the Hub to better tailor the services and offer added value to the community.

The event – which is part of the Work Package 4 of the Hub project: “Capacity Building and operationalization of the Hub” – brought together 30 participants, who were representatives from governments (Hungary, Czech Republic), industry associations (MedTech Europe)​, healthcare professionals and providers (Absym Belgium, Region Jämtland Härjeladen, European Forum for Primary Care)​, insurers (Estonia Health Insurance Fund, Kazakhstan Ministry of Health, North Macedonia Health Insurance Fund, Catalan Health Service, AOK Rheinland)​, innovation hubs (DHI Scotland, Starthubs Holland, Digital Health and Innovation Austria)​ and developers (Kinetikos)​.

The session was divided into three different blocks, to address different topics where the Hub should concentrate efforts to offer its services: access to expert information; implementation support; and networking, matchmaking and knowledge exchange. Throughout the discussion there were different areas that presented a potential need for services. They will be taken into account in the work of the Hub and they will provide a valuable input to build services.

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