The Hub organises a scoping workshop ICT technology & infrastructure with Hungary

In the framework of the Hub activities, we are currently working in partnership with two countries: Hungary and the Czech Republic.

Last 11st November, the European Innovation and Knowledge mHealth Hub led a workshop with Hungary representatives where Violeta Isabel Pérez Nueno (WHO) welcomed the participants to the webinar. The first lecture, Critical appraisal and analysis of the current national eHealth infrastructure, was given by Vanja Lazic (Project coordinator in Health Care Zagreb – Centar).

In the second part of the workshop, Vanessa Mendes (eHealth project manager, SPMS, Portugal) presented the following topic: Strategy and Roadmap for the implementation and set up of a large scale mHealth intervention in Hungary in the area of Diabetes management​, where she explored the mHealth landscape to support patients living with diabetes.

Sonja Müller (senior researcher at Empirica) closed the session summarising the next steps to be taken and some final remarks.



The workshop was attended by health-related stakeholders including Dr. Istvan Kosa Head of Department at Szeged University and András Leleszi, technical Project Manager at Állami Egészségügyi Ellátó Központ (State Health Care Centre). These experts will share their ideas and recommendations with other stakeholders of the Hungarian national health care system.

This work organised by the Hub will serve to increase interest in mHealth in Hungary. In addition, the Hub proposes future activities to culminate the work to support the development of mHealth in Hungary.

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