TraceCOVID-19 is software as a medical device, which can assume the form of application for smartphone or wearable and allows anyone uses to know early if you need to put yourself in preventive isolation, whether or not you have symptoms.

The app was developed by INOVEONLINE and CRITICAL CATALYST in order to be effective in interrupting possible transmission chains of COVID-19 in the community.

AN APP TO ALLOW RETURN TO NORMALITY- Smartphones with the mobile application installed or wearables (bracelets or key chains, for example) communicate with each other when they are close, Bluetooth. The only information that is conveyed is the unique identifier for each of the devices. If a user has been with another user and the risk that COVID-19 transmission occurred during that contact is considered by the software’s decision algorithm as significant, you will receive a notification to warn that isolation should be instituted before it can transmit the disease, thus interrupting transmission in the community and occurrence of new cases. occurrence of new cases.

CONTACT TRACING – TraceCOVID-19 technology allows you to automate contact tracking mechanisms. It is the application of digital means and intelligence to processes that are already developed normally in the community, but much more quickly and efficiently.

The implementation of traceCOVID-19 would make it possible for contact screening and isolation processes to depended much less on the user’s memory and scarce human resources available to do this work on the NHS. The mobile application or the wearable fulfil their purpose using only aNONYMOUS, encrypted and decentralized data, always remaining under physical (on the device itself) and privacy control (no sharing with third parties) of the user himself.

PRIVACY AND SECURITY OF PERSONAL DATA – TraceCOVID-19 just communicates to nearby devices its unique identifier and receive the same information from them. At no time is personal information is transmitted. When using Bluetooth, the app can only say which devices will have been in the same space and for a certain period of time, always without identifying what geographical space that would be, what time and date, or any other data that can be used to identify the person in question or violate their constitutional freedoms. The identification codes are collected and stored locally on devices.

Data privacy has been taken into account from the initial conception of the mobile application (privacy by design), in accordance with the model proposed by European and North American experts in privacy and information security, for Privacy-preserving Decentralized Proximity Tracking. Adherence to the application is voluntary. At any time, the user can delete the application and therefore stop communicating with other equipment.

IN COMPANIES – TraceCOVID-19 technology and its risk assessment algorithms in the form of an application, software or system can be implemented to fit the specific need of any company or organization, allowing the creation of responses to the occurrence of COVID-19 outbreaks in working environments in smarter, more adapted and cost-efficient ways, both for workers as for entrepreneurs.

IN THE COMMUNITY  – Knowing that the implementation of this type of strategy in the community is more effective when adoption rate by the target population is higher, we anticipate that a nationwide implementation, by public initiative, would be the right step to take in the current phase of combating COVID-19.

The evidence demonstrates that the implementation of the traceCOVID-19 app is one of more efficient measures to achieve a safe and intelligent return to normality, without giving up the control level necessary to prevent a new outbreak and, therefore, given the lack of more effective strategies, a new mandatory quarantine in, with possibly more serious consequences than those currently we face.


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