Vicino@TE provides families of hospitalised COVID-19 patients with news and information on their loved ones. It allows relatives of hospitalized patients, unable to communicate autonomously, to have access to their updated medical communiques (texts, pictures, videos and/or audios), and to ask information on their status, and to receive messages (both clinical and not) about their loved ones, to whom they can also send support and positive messages (texts, pictures, videos and/or audios). Vicino@TE allows medical staff to better organize the information given to families of coronavirus wards putting them close to their loved ones, currently unable to have access to isolated hospital units such as Intensive Care, Infectious Disease or High-Intensity. Vicino@TE was activated on March 23 in 8 high-intensity units (Resuscitation, Intensive Care, Infectious Disease, Pneumology) dedicated to COVID-19 patients and in the following days will be extended to other APSS Departments.

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0,54 M inhabitants
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